Nicky Stanek

Group Leader

Dr Lindsay Turnbull

Research Area

The continued downward trend in UK biodiversity, as documented in the most recent State of Nature report, demands a new approach to tackling species and habitat declines. Farmland makes up around 75% of the UK landscape, and is therefore an important focus for further research. This is even more pertinent in light of the imminent departure of Britain from the EU and the potential loss of stewardship subsidies. It also presents an opportunity for more effective investment into farmland biodiversity protection.

I grew up with farming and know how much pressure farmers are under to produce more food, at less cost, whilst minimising pollution and impacts on wildlife. I am Interested in identifying ways to support and increase farmland biodiversity in practical, replicable & communicable ways, that don’t compromise farmers scope to make a living.

Research Description

Using Positive Deviance to identify and understand UK farmland biodiversity successes.

This interdisciplinary project uses Positive Deviance (PD) to identify the social and environmental factors associated with higher levels of farmland biodiversity than would be expected, based on the characteristics of the farm (e.g. which part of the country it is in, or whether the farmer is a member of a higher level stewardship scheme).