Dr Steve Kelly

Research Interests

Photosynthesis, Evolution, Gene expression, Bioinformatics

Photosynthesis is the primary energy source for life on earth. While the biochemistry and cell biology of photosynthesis are well understood, little is known of how the genes that mediate photosynthesis are regulated. Our research aims to address this knowledge gap by identifying the molecular regulators and mechanisms that control the expression of photosynthesis genes in the world’s most important food crops, the grasses. This work combines comparative genomics, evolutionary biology, high-throughput assays and genetic engineering.

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  • Publishing ethics in the era of paper mills.

  • Installation of C4 photosynthetic pathway enzymes in rice using a single construct.

  • The economics of endosymbiotic gene transfer and the evolution of organellar genomes

  • RuBisCO adaptation is more limited by phylogenetic constraint than by catalytic trade-off in plants

  • NO GAMETOPHORES 2 is a novel regulator of the 2D to 3D growth transition in the moss Physcomitrium patens

  • Benchmarking Orthogroup Inference Accuracy: Revisiting Orthobench

  • The Quest for Orthologs benchmark service and consensus calls in 2020.

  • Multiple Metabolic Innovations and Losses Are Associated with Major Transitions in Land Plant Evolution.

Contact Details
E: steven.kelly@plants.ox.ac.uk

+44 (0) 1865 275123

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