Professor Stephen Harris

Research Interests

Evolution, systematics and conservation of plants

My research concentrate on the use of molecular markers in evolutionary and conservation biology, especially hybridisation, polyploidy, the evolutionary consequences of human-mediated plant movement and conservation genetics.

I am also interested in the problems of using herbarium specimens as a source of DNA for evolutionary studies, and the history of botany.

  • Fruit-breeding drosophilids (Diptera) in the Neotropics: playing the field and specialising in generalism?

  • Impact of habitat loss and fragmentation on reproduction, dispersal and species persistence for an endangered Chilean tree

  • Cultivating Commerce: Cultures of botany in Britain and France, 1760–1815

  • Assessing protected area effectiveness within the Caribbean under changing climate conditions: A case study of the small island, Trinidad

  • Specimens of Convolvulaceae linked to the plates of Dillenius's Hortus Elthamensis

  • Seeds: more than meets the eye

  • Snapshots of tropical diversity: collecting plants in Colonial and Imperial Brazil.

  • Reconciling Conflicting Phylogenies in the Origin of Sweet Potato and Dispersal to Polynesia.

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Contact Details

T: +44 (0) 1865 275131