Dr Peng Wang

Research interests

C4 photosynthesis and chloroplast development

Group Leader: Professor Jane Langdale

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Wang P, Kelly S, Fouracre JP & Langdale JA (2013) Genome-wide transcript analysis of early maize leaf development reveals gene cohorts associated with the differentiation of C4 Kranz anatomy. Plant Journal 75: 656–670

Wang P, Fouracre J, Kelly S, Karki S, Gowik U, Aubry S, Shaw MK, Westhoff P, Slamet-Loedin IH, Quick WP, Hibberd JM & Langdale JA (2012) Evolution of GOLDEN2-LIKE gene function in C3 and C4 plants. Planta 273: 481–495

Waters MT, Wang P, Korkaric M, Capper RG, Saunders NJ & Langdale JA (2009) GLK transcription factors co-ordinate expression of the photosynthetic apparatus in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell 21: 1109–1128

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