Dr Luisa Madeira

Research interests

Plant biotechnology. Molecular farming. Biochemistry. Immunology.

Group Leader: Professor Renier Van der Hoorn


Plants have been used to produce recombinant pharmaceutical proteins and vaccines as a low-cost, scalable and safer alternative to traditional systems such as mammalian cell cultures. However, low yields have been one of the main disadvantages of this platform, partially due to the proteolytic activity of proteins present in the plant apoplast, the ultimate destination of the recombinant proteins.

As a postdoc at Prof. van der Hoorn group, I have been exploring activity-based protein profiling as tool to identify and study apoplastic proteases responsible for degrading recombinant proteins, with a focus on two anti-Ebola antibodies. My ultimate goal is to increase antibody accumulation in plants after silencing of apoplastic proteases.


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Madeira, LM, Szeto, TH, Henquet, M, Raven, N, Runions, J, Huddleston, J, Garrard, I, Drake, PMW and Ma, JK-C. (2015) High-yield production of a human monoclonal IgG by rhizosecretion in hydroponic tobacco cultures. Plant Biotechnol J. doi: 10.1111/pbi.12407.

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Drake PMW*, Madeira LM*, Szeto TH, Ma JK-C. (2013) Transformation of Althaea officinalis L. by Agrobacterium rhizogenes for the production of transgenic roots expressing the anti-HIV microbicide cyanovirin-N. Transg Res 22: 1225-1229.
*contributed equally to this work.

Grudzień Ł, Madeira L, Fisher D, Ma J, Garrard I. (2013) Phase system selection with fractional factorial design for purification of recombinant cyanovirin-N from a hydroponic culture medium using centrifugal partition chromatography. J Chromatography A 1285: 57-68.

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