Dr Andrzej Tkacz

Research interests

Group Leader: Professor Philip Poole


I am a Postdoc in Phil Poole’s group working on the soil and rhizosphere microbial communities. I am using MiSeq sequencing to understand how different plants influence their microbial friends and foes in their root zone. Recently I have started using automatized system for soil DNA isolation and PCR preparation.

Contact details

Rhizosphere website


Tkacz, A., Cheema, J., Chandra, G., Grant, A. and Poole, P. S. (2015). Stability and succession of the rhizosphere microbiota depends upon plant type and soil composition. ISME J.

Tkacz, A. and Poole, P. (2015). Role of root microbiota in plant productivity. Journal of Experimental Botany 66, 2167-2175.